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Photo by Kacie FuselierPhoto by Kacie FuselierPhoto by Kacie Fuselier
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SJA Celebrates Halloween Fun

The St. Joseph’s Academy Student Council sponsored its annual Halloween Fun Day on October 30, with costumes, treats and fun for students, faculty and staff. Among the highlights of the annual event were costume contests held during all lunch periods.

“I absolutely love Halloween at SJA because it’s a chance to be creative and express yourself.” Stephanie Cronan '10

Fourth-hour winners were The S’mores, best overall (juniors Erica Allen, Elizabeth Blanchard, Elly Bringaze, Alyssa Cooper, Claire Karam, Shannon McDuff and Ellie Tumminello); Krispy Kreme Donuts, most creative (sophomores Brooke Barisich, Kristi Condon and Morgan DeCuir); and Napoleon Dynamite, best TV group (sophomores Olivia Dumestre, Catherine Mann and Madi DeAngelo).

Fifth-hour winners were Bacon & Eggs, best group (sophomores Caroline McGraw and Kelly smith); Bathtub, most creative (juniors Elly Bringaze, Alaina Leggette, Carley Gulino, Sophie Palombo, Hannah Gassie, Caroline Bourg and Caroline Lieux); NCIS, best individual (freshman Alison Parsons); and Finding Nemo, best movie group (freshmen Raven Price, Amanda Ourso, Kimmie Morrison and Brianna St. Romain).

Sixth-hour winners were Geico Cavemen, best TV group (juniors Lauren Aymond, Leah Aultman, Anna Catherine Helm, Ashley Andrews and Brittany Woods); Ipods, best group (freshmen Arianna Campesi, Bailey Walker, Madeline Olinde, Abby Grant, Courtney Sanders, Caroline Vinning, Anne Kellerman, Elise Richard, Lauren Gregoire and Kate Benedetto); and Poptarts, best overall (sophomores Brooke Carney, Sara Ducote, Libby Cassisa, Jessica Slaughter, Katie McDuff, Victoria Conti and Victoria Taravella).

Junior Mary Miller and friends dressed as the French school girls from Madeline. “We walked around in two lines, rain or shine,” she said. “It was amazing to see how into Halloween people got this year.”

Freshman Mimi Guercio dressed as a Sumo wrestler. “I really enjoyed today because we got to see the creativity and humor of our classmates,” she said. “It was a great way to get to know each other and have fun.”

Many seniors dressed as Where’s Waldo? “What I enjoy most about this day every year is seeing how much creativity this school has,” senior Laura Fontenot said. “I think I laugh more this day than any other.”

Freshman Claire Keaton and her friends were dressed as the cast of the movie Wizard of Oz. Keaton was the Tinman. “It was fun to be creative and get to have just a day of fun and to be crazy,” she said. “You think your costume is the most creative until you get to school, look around and see all the other hysterical costumes other girls have on.”

Senior Stephanie Cronan was Tony Perkins from the 1995 film Heavyweights, “so I’ve been speaking in Heavyweights quotes throughout the day. I absolutely love Halloween at SJA because it’s a chance to be creative and express yourself. I especially love seeing the teachers’ themed costumes because they are always hysterical and original.”

Junior Elizabeth Dunlap drew inspiration for her costume from the Madeline story books. “I personally think that the costumes this year are more unique than any other costumes I’ve seen at SJA before,” she said. “Seeing all the crazy costumes puts everyone in a better mood and brings great excitement to the classroom. In American history class, in particular, we presented projects about ghost stories, and they were all wonderfully done and contributed to the excitement of Halloween Fun Day.”

Sophomore Helene Chastain said she had a great time celebrating Halloween at SJA. “Everyone seemed like they put a lot of effort into their costumes, and the ideas were so creative,” she said. “St. Joseph’s has provided us with an environment that can be fun and exciting while still focusing on school.”

Sophomore Alise Alexander agreed. “A bunch of our friends went into the cafeteria where they were playing music and had a dance party with the lunch ladies,” she said. “It was so much fun.”

“It’s been a great day,” said junior Adele Wiggins. “It’s always fun to see what creative costumes everyone comes up with, and this year has been filled with an uncountable number of cute, creative and funny costumes. This year I dressed as Ms. Clavel from the storybook Madeline and followed ‘12 girls in two straight lines’ who were dressed uniformly in blue coats, red ribbons, white gloves and yellow hats. We had a French picnic at lunch and sat, walked and stood in two straight lines when we could. We had a blast.”

Freshman Grace Mikesell was equally enthusiastic. “This day has been so much fun because I got to see all of my friends in their crazy outfits, and the teachers also get really into it,” she said. “My friend and I are the Backstreet Boys, and we look so funny because we have goatees and hats and are wearing black and white. This will definitely be a Halloween that I will never forget.”

Students also enjoyed goodie bags and door prizes courtesy of the SJA Mothers’ Club Student Appreciation Committee, chaired by Toni Deranger. Co-chair was Paige Babin. They were assisted by Micheline Schutte, Nadine Donner and Jennifer Kleinpeter.

Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director

Posted: 10/30/2009